Свободно кученце от кучило Б

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Бейлис все още търси своят дом!
Има едно свободно момиченце в развъдника ни!
Тя вече е на 4 месеца, със всички поставени ваксини!
Моля ако имате интерес свържете се с нас в контактната форма или на посочените телефони!

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Dalmagic Baileys Coffee- available for sale
dob: 27.03.2014
pedigree: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4020566569625&set=t.1745265971&type=3&theater
more info:
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Bad & Mad Serbian Sensation in Raul - III/III
Sweet Emotion Pantera Unica - III/III
Spotnik's Quick Quackery - V, V-V
Dalmagic Ace of Cake is a champion of 8 countries and a mother of our B litter
For a dad we choose still young Just Coffee Amaranth Like a Magic,who although has proven to be a champion has excellent results from international dog shows.
What led us to meet in a parental couple just these two dogs ? Brandy and Amaranth have wonderful heads - very properly formed and proportional . Both have long elegant necks , level topline , well angulated front and hind legs - scars that want to consolidate in the offspring . In this regard, we aim to achieve in the offspring greater bone density and better expressed forbrust ( forechest ) . We hope to achieve this thanks to the great ancestors of Brandy and Amaranth which involve genealogies . We made a deliberate inbreeding V-V-V belt in great Spotnik's Quick Quackery, who is the father of two-time World Champion , European Champion , Winner ofCrufts ( the most prestigious event Kennel worldwide ) Spotnik Special Selection ( Norway). He in turn was the father of INT. CH. Bad Mad Serbian Sensation In Raul ( Sweden - Norway) - inbreeding in III-III zone . All three grandparents are very harmonious and make a strong impression with its beauty . In III- III made inbreeding and INT.CH. Sweet Emotion Panthera Unica ( Sweden , Slovenia) , the mother of world champion from 2013 Divalinor Count of Gold - father of Brandy . It is the ancestor of many breed champions in Bulgaria .

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