Dalmagic Baileys Coffee
  export: Quebec, Canada


  "Baileys fell into my eye the first time I saw a picture of her at only 3 weeks. I was starstruck by this little beauty. As I got to know Aleksandra and Veselin, I knew I was making the right choice as far as adopting this sweet girl. With their trust and friendship, the long wait seem to go by faster. Now that I share each day with my dear baileys, I realise how noble, dedicated and thoughtful this young girl can be. She lights up even the most rainy days here in Canada. She s one in a million and I wouldnt change her for anything " - owner Meag Dwy, Quebec, Canada


Медицински изследвания:

Сертификати и титли:

Best Baby in Breed, Bansko 2014

Аудиограма: Двустранно чуваща (Сертификат)

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Зъбна формула: 

all teeth




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