Специализирана изложба за далматини Първомай 2016

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Нашите резултати от проведените изложби в град Първомай: DALMATIAN CLUB SHOW & CAC Parvomay :)
Club Show judge was amazing Charlotte Jenvall <3 07.05.2016:
sajt kennel
Dalmagic Cream Chocodream JCAC, BEST Junior Female, BISS junior, Best Female 4 co owner Прекрасен Свят
Dalmagic Coffemilk Cappuccina- Ex2 in Junior Class owner Vania Stambolova
Dalmagic Back in Black- Ex 1, CAC in Open class and Best Female 3 co owner весела петрова
Divalinor Have a Spell- Ex 2 in Champion Class <3
Our fathers of A, B, C and D litter also was there :)
VWW2013 Divalinor Count of Gold - Ex 2 in Veteran class owner Пеньо Запрянов
CH Just Coffe Amarant Like a Magic- Ex 2 in Open class owners Ekaterina Simeonova and Elena Neycheva
CH Divalinor Just Do It - Ex 1, CAC and Best male 2 in Champion Class owner Tanichka Krachmarova
INT Ch Farfalla Tsvetok Lostosa- Ex 2 in Champion class, owner Devic Mediolanum
Was unforgetable for me and was amazing <3 thanks also to my puppy buyers Мартина and Румен and Десислава who come to see us , we love you <3 <3
CAC Parvomay <3
honorable judge Devic Mediolanum
DALMAGIC KENNEL BEST BREEDING GROUP 2 PLACE- horoable judge Vihra Grigorova tahnk y for help Hristina

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